Don't Sweat the Technique...'s not there yet. Thanks to some pointers on my technique, in my back, arms and catch, I've made huge improvements in my overall form and getting through a 12k on the water today felt amazing.

I was feeling quite demoralised last week when I got out in a quad due to my technique and the balance of the boat, although this was mainly due to the high wind. Even though it's only been a couple of weeks, it's tough when the boat isn't moving as you know it should. I was bending my back too much, dipping the blades too deep, exerting power too early and generally creating a messy ride. I was amazed to see how specific, small adjustments had the effect of suddenly making the boat ride faster, more smoothly, and all the more excited at that feeling when you feel the boat really move.

This felt like a huge step and I'm now more motivated and cannot wait to get back out and push it further.