The penultimate distance session on water...4 hours rowing.

Today I hit the docks for my longest session yet. Loaded up with 4L of water, gels and an energy drink, it was time to see how all the training has been paying off. It was also an opportunity for me to put my new kit through its paces, generously sponsored by Termaxx.

The thing with these long rows is that they are solitary. Very solitary. I see crews from different clubs come and go, and three hours later, I'm still there, rowing laps of the London Regatta Centre. Another issue I came across today is that although the weather started clear and with a light breeze, four hours later I was battling some quite choppy waves at the far end of the docks and it came to a point where I had to question if it was safe or not to do so. All this comes down to though is a reality check of what I may be facing in a few weeks at The North Sea. I've found the best way to make it through the longer rows is an hourly pause for a couple of minutes to take on water or gels before continuing for the next 10km, and today this strategy worked well for me. Approximately four hours and the 40km was complete; an ice bath and a huge meal later and I'm feeling set for my final distance session: 50km next weekend.